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Installations, exhbitions and viewings

Enchanted Wireworks are often to be found lending their magic to public spaces or private parties, and they would love to meet you!  They currently reside at Scotney Castle, Pashley Manor Gardens and Chiddingstone Castle. From 26th July to 5th September, there will also be an Enchanted Wirework on the Raveningham Sculpture Trail in Norfolk.


Feel free to contact me if you think our creatures might lend some magic to your event.

  • Chiddingstone Castle exhibit
    Ongoing installation
    Chiddingstone Castle
    Chiddingstone Castle exhibit
  • Dragonfly Dancer at Scotney Castle
    Ongoing installation
    National Trust - Scotney Castle
    Dragonfly Dancer at Scotney Castle
    Visit the beautiful grounds and ruined castle at Scotney Castle and see a fairy in a fairytale setting..
  • Installation at Pashley Manor Gardens
    Until September 2021
    Installation at Pashley Manor Gardens
    Pashley Manor Gardens are 11 acres of beautiful gardens, rich with varied planting and wildlife. An Enchanted Wirework will be spending her time in one of these beautiful gardens this Spring and Summer, along with a number of other sculptures from local artists.
  • Raveningham Sculpture Trail
    Until 5 September 2021
    Raveningham Sculpture Trail