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About Enchanted Wireworks

Unique, hand-made figures

Enchanted Wireworks are the creations of artist Yvonne Wildi.

Inspired by artists such as Robin Wright, Derek Kinzett and Richard Stainthorp, she fashions fairies, spirits, mermaids and other figures from mythology, drawing on her love of nature and fascination for the otherworldy to create unique and captivating figures. 


Characterised by sinuous limbs, fluidity of movement and expressive postures, each figure has its own qualities - capricious, wild-spirited, restless, reflective, beguiling..

The individual spirits emerge as the intricate layering of wire develops into elegant physical forms.

All the wireworks, large and small, are individually handcrafted from sculpture grade wire and are as happy on your hearth or dining table as they are watching over a corner of the garden.


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