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Pattercrawl is a dark fairy that loiters in the shadows until you are asleep and then she quietly patter-crawls across your floor and onto your bed.  Her long fingers stretch forward to play with your sleeping mind..


***Please note, Pattercrawl is a Crackpot item, which means she is slightly imperfect.  This is reflected in her price.


Mounted on granite, Pattercrawl is 6”/41cm high, 26”/66cm long, 10”/26cm wide. She is predominantly made from sculptural grade stainless steel but also partly from galvanised wire.  ***Pattercrawl will be happiest taking shelter from any wet weather.


  • Product information

    All Enchanted Wireworks are made by hand and each is completely unique.


    They are made with sculpture grade stainless steel and treated aluminium wire and can be enjoyed inside or out unless stated otherwise in the product description.


    Please note that Enchanted Wireworks figures are not toys and should not be given to children.

  • Returns and refunds

    If you are not satisfied with your Enchanted Wirework, please contact me within 14 days of receipt to arrange a return within 30 days from receipt.


    A full refund will be issued if the product is returned in its original condition.  Please note, the buyer will bear the cost of the return postage.


    If your wirework is damaged when you receive it, please contact me so that we can make the best arrangement for you.

  • Shipping information

    For mainland shipping in the UK, the price quoted includes shipping costs.


    For information about shipping costs elsewhere, please contact me for a quote.